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I began my career as a journalist but quickly found my passion for telling visual stories outweighed my desire to be a master of words. After acquiring the skills necessary to pursue a fulfilling career in graphic design and photography, I landed a job at a rapidly growing media firm where I began to hone my crafts. Now an industry veteran, I launched Points & Pixels to bring under one umbrella my two freelance businesses to better serve my diverse clientele.

Points & Pixels is a full-service boutique creative studio based in Toronto that specializes in print and digital graphic design and photography. As its creative director, I bring more than a decade of professional experience and a wealth of knowledge to the business. I work with photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models, designers, chefs, editors, publishers, marketing and communication specialists, brand managers as well as a wide array of professionals in various fields ranging from financial services to natural health to the food and beauty industries, among others. My approach to any project, big or small, is collaborative. I pride myself on being both an effective verbal and visual communicator whose sole goal is to bring my clients’ visions to reality.

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