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Canadian Jeweller magazine: JCK Las Vegas feature of what’s on-trend in jewelry and accessories.

Canadian Jeweller magazine: Canadian mining industry feature, including benefits of buying locally sourced diamonds.

Canadian Jeweller magazine: Shining a spotlight on the coolest new jewelry, courtesy of top designers.

VIVA Magazine: Cover story of Food Network star, cookbook author and chef Giada De Laurentiis.

VIVA Magazine: Health features.

VIVA Magazine: Beauty and travel features.

Clean Eating magazine: Three brunch options that are Whole30 compliant. Finished dishes on opening spread followed by recipes.

Clean Eating magazine: Feature on hearty meal-sized salads.

Clean Eating magazine: Healthy eating and lifestyle features.

Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine: Feature on record-breaking insured losses from weather events. Custom-made map of Canada highlights top 5 catastrophes by location.

Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine: Insurance industry features.

Corporate Risk Canada magazine: Risk management features.

Corporate Risk Canada magazine: How companies can effectively manage staff in countries dealing with civil unrest.

Benefits Canada magazine: Cover stories of key decision-makers in Canadian workplaces.

Benefits Canada magazine: Showcasing issues affecting the pension and benefits industry.

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